Jacqueline sells her work through MBW Art Gallery, Shop No. 5, Lynwood Bridge Shopping Centre, Lynwood Rd in Pretoria.


What makes us want to buy art and decorate our homes?

Why do we choose the objects we do to decorate the places where we live and work, and in particular, why do we choose to buy original art?

It seems fairly obvious that we gain something meaningful from experiences and interactions with works of art. Art makes its owners feel good or better about themselves whenever they look at it. The viewer can have either an emotional or intellectual response to it. In my opinion, all good forms of art should evoke emotions.

If one is buying for his own personal viewing, he may be attracted to the art for its impact, its beauty, its point of view, its quality, its craftsmanship, its style, or any of a myriad of other reasons. He may identify with the artist's statement, experience a connection to the thoughts of the artist, or share the artist's perspective. Or maybe it's simply his ability to understand and appreciate the art that attracts him to it. In all of these instances, he "bonds" in some way with the art and artist, even if only in his mind. The outcome is personal-- between him and the art.

On the other hand, art can be bought purely to occupy an empty space on the wall and for the colours to match the surrounding décor.  In this case modern and abstract art with good colour and balance can be very aesthetically pleasing.

Decorating our home (or office), makes it a lively and cozy place to be in. It is also about feng shui, the energy we want in our homes.  It makes us feel good when it looks good. It also gives us a sense of pride in our homes. Decorating is a way to express ourselves creatively. It isn't about a place to live; it's about taking care of our things and creating a space with a beautiful atmosphere to spend our time in. Our possessions including our decorations could be seen as extensions of ourselves, and certain pieces of art can also provide reminders, or mementoes of interests and past adventures.

My feelings are that if you find a piece of art that ‘speaks’ to you, or makes your heart sing, buy it, no matter what, as that piece will constantly give you pleasure for years to come.